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Boyd, C. J.: Petition, Kentucky Counties

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To the General Assembly of the State of Virginia To M G Va forces The undersigned represents that he is the son-in-law and attorney in fact of James S Layne a citizen & Resident of The County of Floyd & State of Kentucky. Your petitioner States that he was captured on the 7th day of [July? Aug?] 1862 in the County of Bath Ky by a federal force and was sent as a prisoner to Camp Chase where he was confined until the 6th day of Sept last. From there he was taken to Johnsons Island at which place he was confined until the 23d of November from there he was taken to Vicksburg and was then released from imprisonment from there. Your Petitioner came to this place. On your Petitioners ariving at Abingdero on the 24th of December he heard of a raid which had been made into Kentucky by a part of the Forces said to be under the command of Col. John Clarkson, In this Raid Col Clarkson went to the house of the said James S. Layne with a part of his command and took from said Laynes: Ten Slaves three of which belonged to Mrs. Honaker a married daughter of said Lanyes, the other seven were the