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Boyd, C. J.: Petition, Kentucky Counties

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3 demand was made by either Mr Elliot or any one at that time for these negroes and other property, and by order of the Major General they were turned over to the Quarter Master. One little negro girl the same it is supposed, which the Petitioners say has never been returned, was given by General Floyd to Captain Hunt, as some remuneration to him for bringing out the other negroes. The weather was very bad, the streams swollen, and the risk, expense and danger of bringing them to Virginia, very great, and General Floyd, having no other way of compensating Captain Hunt, delivered him this negro girl as aforesaid and I think he was justified in doing so, knowing as I did the cost and labor required of him in doing so. I further state that as to any other articles named in the Petition as having been taken beside the negroes, horses and cattle and such forage and subsistence as was necessary for the troops. I know nothing, no Jeans, money or anything of the sort was taken by my command or by my order. If they were taken by the soldiers, it was without authority or orders, and without my knowledge. I further state that all the property taken by me was taken under the express orders and instructions of my commanding officer, General Floyd, and was by me