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Boyd, C. J.: Petition, Kentucky Counties

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Auditing Board of Va, January 21, 1864.

C. J. Boyd for himself and as attorney in fact for James Layne and Christiana Hatcher, this day presented a claim for compensation for certain articles of personal property belonging to himself and his principals aforesaid respectively, alleged to have been taken in December 1862 by the State line troops of Virginia under the command of col. Clarkson, and not to have been restored in pursuance of the order of the Board for their restitution made the 23d day of April 1863. Upon consideration of the said Boyd's petition, and of his affidavit, and the statement of the honorable J. M. Elliott, member of the house of representatives of the Confederate States from the Floyd district of Kentucky, filed in support of the said petition, It is ordered that the said papers, together with the copy of the aforesaid order of the Board, be referred to the Attorney General of Virginia, with the request that he will consider the questions of law arising upon the said claim, and report to the Board his opinion thereupon, and his opinion as to what should be the action of the Board in the premises. A Copy from the Journal of the Board. Teste N. P. Howard, Clk pro tempore.

The order of April 23, 1863, above referred to, is in the following terms: "The petition of James S. Layne & C. Hatcher, by C. J. Boyd their attorney in fact, and C. J. Boyd in his own behalf, stating that sundry negroes, Slaves belonging to their, and other property, (they being residents of the state of Kentucky) had been captured by the state line troops under Colonel Clarkson, was considered by the Board, and it appearing that the owners were not enemies in arms against the Confederate States, but peaceable citizens, with many friends and relations in the Confederate Army, and that they had furnished provisions and assistance to the Southern cause; Ordered that the Slaves and other property belonging to those parties, now in the possession of the State Quartermaster General, be restored to the owners, or their attorney, upon being properly identified." Teste, N. P. Howard Clk pro tempore.