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Boyd, C. J.: Petition, Kentucky Counties

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(2) The petition of c. J. Boyd, of the 21st day of January 1864, is in the words and figures following towit:

"To the Auditing Board &c. The undersigned begs to make known to this honorable Board, that under its order of April 23d 1863, he received all of the negroes belonging to Mr Layne but one - a girl named Anne, aged about seven years, value $1000 - in the Statement heretofore submitted. He understands she is claimed under purchase from captain Hunt of the Virginia State line by one Whitley Thomas of Russell Co. Virginia.

The undersigned submits a Statement revised as to valuations of property which has not been recovered, and which he verily believes represents a Sum not exceeding the value of said property in gold, silver, or Kentucky bank notes - and he has reduced the valuation of the negress not recovered to $500. Therein, which Sum he verily believes she would have brought in cash at any time.

He submits herewith three lists of the property not recovered, to wit, one the property of Mr Layne; 2d, The property of the widow Christiana Hatcher; 3d. The property of this petitioner, the valuations whereof are in prices estimated in specie paying bank notes, and such as the same would have commanded at the time and place of capture, or at the time of your order for their recovery.

He states that the cattle and personal property taken under the orders of col. Clarkson had, at the time of the rendition of your order, either been disposed of, or was turned over to the Confederate Government by the officers of the Virginia State Line. The horses he saw on the 13th of April 1864, but he was unable to recover them. See his affidavit appended to his Statement.

The undersigned is unable to do any more. He cannot make the quartermaster act. He has no power to compel restitution. He submits to this Board, that having given an order for the restitution of property identified, he hopes this Board will audit his claim and allow him for that which had been converted to the use of the troops or taken by order of the State line under the sanction and power of the State flag; for, as he is advised, it does not belong to him to go behind the jurisdiction of the subject matter taken by the State authority already.

[facing page] (3) The Board can act, and he hopes will act, on this case at once, as it will enable him to bring the matter before the General Assembly to obtain redress, should the Board refuse to make a proper allowance.

He files herewith the Statement of the Honorable John M. Elliott M. C. from the Floyd District Kentucky, who knows the proprietors and the property. He asks for all proper relief, and as in duty &c. (Signed) C. J. Boyd, for himself and as attorney in fact for Jas Layne & Christiana Hatcher."

The Statement and affidavit of the claimant C. J. Boyd, referred to in the foregoing petition, are in the terms following:

"Statement of property belonging to James S. Layne of Floyd county, Kentucky, which was taken by Virginia State line forces under command of Col. Clarkson, Dec. '62, that has not been delivered under the order of the Auditing Board dated [blank]

1 negro girl (7 years of age) named Ann, value $500 in gold or Kentucky bank notes 3 yoke of work cattle worth $200 per yoke 600 " " 18 head of Durham cattle, principally milch cows & heifers 1080 " " 1 Durham bull 200 " " 7 head of horses 1800 " " 18 sides of leather @ $25 per side 450 " " 25 yards of Jeans at $3 75 " " 15 do linsey at $1 15 " " 1 pair women's Shoes 5 " " 1 overcoat 30 " " 1 pair of boots 20 " " 1 man's Saddle 30 " " 1 pair Saddle bags 10 " " Bed clothing (Sundries) worth 100 " " [total] 4915 in gold

State of Virginia, Richmond City towit: