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Gardner, Elizabeth: Petition, King and Queen County

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of this state enacted since she first went into she said state of North Carolina, and your petitioner further sheweth, that she humbly hopes that the extreme hardship of her case as herein stated will appear manifest inasmuch as she will be obliged much against her inclination to sell her real property in this state and emigrate from the same or to sell her slaves in North Carolina to whom she is attached and much averse to selling or be subjected to very great expense, as well as inconven[ien]ce, in the management of them at so great a distance, where she shall be authorized by law to bring them into this state; therefore she entreats the attention of your honorable body to her case and prays that a law may pass authorizing her to bring into this state as her own property, her slaves aforementioned name Armistead, George, Harry, Benjamin, Aga, Rhoda, Winney and Randall, Jere, Tilmon, Liley, and Aga children of Aga and James, John, Caty, Judy, and William, children of Rhoda and Ned, Tom and Rhoda, children of Polly decd. and Lewis, Lucy and Thomas children of Winney and that such further relief may be extended to your petitioner as to your honorable body shall appear to be proper and your petitioner shall ever pray &c [etc.]. Elizabeth Gardner