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Kendall, William: Petition, King George County

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Tp the honorable the General Assembly of Virginia, the petition of William Kindel respectfully sheweth, that, he is at this time the owner of a mulatto boy aged nine years on the 18th day of March next, that he wishes to liberate, your petitioner is impelled with blushes and confusion, to own and acknowledge the cause that brings him forward on this occasion before your honorable body. Like other frail men, he has fallen into a vice, that humanity and nature, added to moral principles, dictates the only alternative now left, viz, this zealous and devout application. Your petitioner believes and acknowledges himself to be the father of said boy, by a woman the property at that time of himself, and as his parent he feels great solicitude for his future welfare and liberty, it is with great uneasiness and concern that he looks forward to the possibility of his being a slave to any person. He therefore prays your honorable body to pass a law emancipating said boy by the name of William Thornton Alexander, and permitting him to remain in the State, suffering your petitioner to have the controul & management of him until he attains the age of twenty one years. Or should your honorable body think proper to refuse leave for him to remain in the state after he arrives to the age of twenty one years, your petitioner is willing & would in that case be desirous that a law should pass setting him free on condition that he remove out of the state on his arriving to said age. your petitioner is in bad health, has no other family at all, and would be much gratifyed at the success of the application here made, and will ever pray &c [etc.]. William Kendall King George County Decr 5th 1813