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Adams, Thomas & Jack: Petition, King William County

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9th of October 1810 he was duly condemned & sentenced to a confinement in the Penitentiary for the term of twelve months; was transported thither by the Sheriff of King Wm. County & remained there the full time directed by the sentence against him. That notwithstanding the conviction & punishment of the said Hoomes by the active exertions of your Petitioners a Scire facias issued on their recognizance & a judgment was obtained against them on the 7th of Octt [Oct.] 1814 for the sum of one hundred dollars each & the costs; & that from that time they have been continually harrass'd by Executions & at length an Execution has issued against their bodies as it has been discovered from their poverty that they have no property to satisfy the aforesaid Judgment, all of which facts will appear by reference to the documents attending this Petition. Your Petitioners with due deference & respect humbly conceive the object of the Law in allowing Bail to prisoners to be twofold. First, as it is the immutable maxim of Law & Reason that every man should be presumed innocent till his guilt is proved, it is humanely to prevent a deprivation of that personal liberty which is held so sacred in our Country & to avoid the destruction of the health & constitution of a fellow man by a tedious confinement in the deleterious atmosphere of a Dungeon. Secondly that the interest of the Community should not suffer & the Sovereignty of the Law be violated & insulted by an offenders escape from Justice