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Adams, Thomas & Jack: Petition, King William County

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December 2nd 1817 What William Adams [saith what?] what he knowes about it; John Adams Jnr and Thomas Adams to get the fellow on Triall [trial] The sd [said] William Adams will Certyfy [certify] they Did there [their] best to Cetch [catch] the fellow And Bring him forth but they could not[.] Mr. Ellison [E? G?] Adams Can certyfy the same that the sd John Adams [Junior?] & Thomas Adams tryed [tried] & could not cetch him untill it was dark in the Evening & then It was too Late to Car[r]y him as Wm. Adams told him it was too late to Carry him there & they [illegible] Well turn him since Mr. Ellison Adams was present when John Adams [tried?] & Thomas Adams Coght [cought] the fellow Wm Hoomes at his Own home at night. Mr. Ellison Adam told them it was too late & they had as well [turn?] him Since the sd John P Adams went into Charles Citty [City] and brought the sd Wm Ho[o]mes to the sd Sherrive [sheriff?] Cristopher Tomkins the Sherive of the Co[u]nty Wm. And he Carr[i]ed him to gale [jail] and the sd Wm Homes was Commit to Gale [jail] & then Condemed [condemned] to the pennetentanshre [penitentiary] & there Confin[e]d for Twelthe [twelve] months For the Crime he had Committed which Can be Proved by these witness William Adams and Ellison Adams.