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Dungie, John & Lucy Ann: Petition, King William County

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We whose names are hereto annexed have been acquainted with Capt John Dungee for many years. in the course of which time, we have had frequent opportunities of observing upon his character, estimating its value and private Life, and its benefit, to the Community of which he has been a member. The high opinion which these observations have produced of his rigid Integrity, prudence, Industry regular habits and general usefulness, in the calling in which his time has been employed prompts an earnest wish on our parts, to see him placed in a situation to enjoy the remainder of his life in happiness and contentment. We readily therefore give him all the aid in our power to advance what we consider a most reasonable application to the Legislature in behalf of his wife. Capt. Dungee is a Free born native of Virginia, was raised in the calling of a Sailor and has for many years been the Commander of a Vessel, constantly employed in the navigation of the Chesapeake Bay and the Rivers of Virginia and has never failed to give general satisfaction and to secure to himself the unbounded confidence of his Employers and of those who have committed their produce to his care. He has thus been in the circle of his business a most useful agent, to Farmers and Merchants, and we feel confident that his loss would be an evol seriously felt by those particularly who ship Grain or other articles from the shores of Parmonkey and Mataponi Rivers out of which he has uniformly sailed, actuated then as much by our sense of the injury which would be done to ourselves and others interested in the navigation of these Rivers, as by a wish to benefit a meritorious man. we hope that the Petition of his wife Lucy Ann to be permitted to remain in the State, may be favourably received by the Legislature She is a young woman lawfully intermarried with the Capt and has allways been esteemed good and unexceptionable character. Given under our hands this 15th day of Nov. 1825. Wm. Armistead King Wm Jno Foster New Kent W. Claiborne King Wm. Ptolemy S. Watkins ditto [King William] Robert J. King King William Robert Page Hanover B. F. Dabney Hanr. Town Ammon Johnson King Wm.

Tho: Hill King Wm. Robert King King Wm. James Fox King Wm. Ruffin & Shelton King Wm. James Smith King Wm. William B. [Browne? Broune?] King Wm. Herbert A Claiborne Richm[on]d