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Pollard, George B. & Ambrose: Petition, King William County

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To the Legislature of Virginia in General Assembly convened The Petition of George B. Pollard and Ambrose Pollard, committees of the Estate of their brother Thomas G Pollard, now confined in the Lunatick hospital at Wm'sburg [Williamsburg] - Respectfully represents that they were appointed by the County Court of King Wm to manage the Estate of their unfortunate brother. And they now present the inventory of his Estate, originally taken and authenticated by the magistrates who acted upon the subject. The small reversion any interest noticed in the said inventory has not accrued, & therefore has not come to the possession of your petitioners. They have regularly managed the Estate which did come into their hands by paying the debts and with due punctuality paying into the treasury such sums as it was their duty to pay. They subjoin the evidence of their acts & [doings?] as presented by the settlement of their accounts - shewing that a ballance is now due them, and also the total inadequacy of the Estate to support the said Lunatick. In particular they state that the two slaves Peter and Jim, have become so reduced in character as to hire for much less than they should properly command, and your petitioners are of opinion that it would be well to sell them & apply the proceeds in the way of support for said Lunatick. As to the ballance due them, it is left with the Legislature to say what they shall be entitled to, nor do they feel disposed to press their claim, altho indeed they need it if it can be properly granted. Their chief object will be accomplished when they have obtained authority to sell the said slaves, where they are not known, and where they will command the value of such property and they are willing to submit to any rule which the wisdom of the Legislature may apply. And they do honestly believe this the best course to be pursued. They pray therefore for authority to sell the above named