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Bond, Catherine: Petition, Lancaster County

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Miss Caty Bond of Mount Pleasant, in Lancaster County, requests I would cetifie [certify], a conversation which passed between us; little prior of the 23 day of November 1803. Which is as follows, as near as I can recollect. I do hereby certifie [certify] that I applied to her for money. She was indebted to me. She answered, She had it Not to pay. But offered to sell me, her man Daniel, whome she said, was worth four hundred dollars, a price some negroes had sold at, in her neighborhood not to young and likely as Daniel but rather than not pay me, she would take One hundred pounds; in part payment of the debt. I answered it did not suit me to purchase negroes - for that I wanted money to full fill my engagements. After some Conversation, I told her, I would take him, at ninety pounds, which she refused. Not long after this I saw her again, when the conversation was renewed. She declared her earnest desire of paying her debt. Told me I might take Daniel at what I had offered. Tho he was a cheap negro at ninety or one hundred pounds. I refused to take him having considered he had a wife in the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant at the distance of about twenty miles from me, where he would visit. & having at that time four men who had wives about the same distance from me in the Countys [Counties] of Westmoreland and Lancaster - who lost much time in visiting of them. I could not think of purchasing any more negroes who had wives at such distance. I