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Grayson, Amy: Petition, Loudoun County

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   To the Honorable the Legislature of Virginia now in Session
      Your Petitioner Amy Grason a free woman of Colour, respectfully represents that she has been a resident of the county of Loudoun from her infancy, and of the town of Leesburg for about thirty years, that she was the property of Presley Cordell in the said town for upwards  of twenty years, that the said Cordell about five or six years ago, emancipated  her for her good conduct, and meritorious services: that she has always endeavored to regulate her conduct and  deportment by the strict rules of honesty and decorum, and by so doing she humbly trusts, she has succeeded in obtaining the good will and good opinion , not only of her neighbors, but of the residents of the said town generally.
 Unfortunately however for your  petitioner, she has been prosecuted in the county court of  Loudoun at the term of the said court (an indictment having been found against her and verdict of  a Jury thereupon) under that provision of the law, that prohibits emancipated slaves from remaining in the state for more than a year without the permission of the court first had and obtained allowing a more permanent residence: Your petitioner from information on this subject of the difficulty of obtaining permission in this way  declined making the application she being informed that it would be impossible to collect by majority of the acting Magistrates of the said