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Grayson, Amy: Petition, Loudoun County

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county at one time she cannot have forbear; to remark upon the hardships that must inevitably flow from an incurable infliction of the punishment imposed by this Law, upon persons who are brought under its annual version and to her it must be peculiarly galling and oppressive for she is ow redeemed to the sad alternative of either leaving the place of her nativity forever or being again reduced to the unpleasant condition of slavery: for unless your Honorable body will relieve her from the penalty of the said Law, she will by order of the Court be set up for sale to the highest bidder, which order the Court has kindly suspended with a view to enable her to petition you touching said matter. She flatters herself however that you will compassionate her distressed and deplorable situation by passing a special Law for her relief, dispensing with the punishment inflicted by the said Law: and giving her leave to continue to spend the few remaining days of life, that may be meted out to her (for she is now an old Woman) in this State- the land of her nativity, and of her earliest and and dearest recollections - which it would be hard to tear herself away from: but which she will have to do, unless relieved by your Honorable Body- by a special Act passed for her relief. She is willing to submit to any reasonable and equitable conditions you may think proper to impose on her, in according to how the wished for boon. And she will ever pray tc.

Amy Grason