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Perry, Verlinda: Petition, Loudoun County

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To the Senate and House of Delegates of The Commonwealth of Virginia Humbly petitioning Sheweth to your Honorable Bodies Your Petitioner Verlinda Perry that on the 11th day of June 1839 she was possessed of a negro man slave named Jarrett or Gerrard as of her own right and property then being in the County of Loudoun in the Commonwealth where she then resided as she still does. That at the June Term of the County Court of the said County the said slave was brought before the said Court upon a charge of knowingly circulating or causing to be circulated a certain writing denying the right of Masters to property in their slaves and inculcating the duty of resistance to such right whereupon on the sd [said] 11th day of June 1839 at the Term aforesaid of said Court he was tried and convicted. That as a part of his sentence He was adjudged to be transported and sold beyond the limits of the United States under the order of the Executive of this Commonwealth. That afterwards the Executive of this Commonwealth proceeded to remove him from the Jail of the said County and as your Petitioner is informed & believes did cause him to be transported & sold beyond the Limits of the United States in pursuance of the sentence. So it is that by the Judgement of the said Court & the Act of the Executive of the Commonwealth Your Petitioner has been deprived of the said slave. Your Petitioner states that the Court