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Wilson, Robert: Petition, Mecklenburg County

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To the Honorable the Speaker & Gentlemen of the House of Delegates The Petition of Robert Wilson Humbly showeth That your Petitioner was possessed of a Negro man slave by the name of Jupiter. That the said slave frequently runaway & was a pest to the neighborhood where he lurked & he out hid. That in consequence thereof application was made to two Justices of the Peace of the County of Mecklenburg for a Proclamation of Outlawing against the said slave who accordingly issued the same. That the said Proclamation was once published on a Sunday at a Church in the said County & in the evening of that day, the said slave committed a Robbery, was pursued & shot to death in consequence of his refusal to surrender. That the Court of the said County have certified the value of the said slave & the circumstances of his death Your Petitioner therefore prays that your Humble House will take his case into consideration & grant him such relief as from the circumstances thereof he may be entitled And as is duty bound he will pray &c Robert Wilson