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Reekes, Thomas: Petition, Mecklenburg County

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share of health, and in the estimation of your Petitioners neighbours was worth the sum of one hundred & thirty pounds Your Petitioner is of opinion that the death of the said Frank was produced either from the rigour of his confinement, or from an apprehension on the said Frank's part of a detection of his crimes, and the consequent punishment thereof: for the prevention of which he might have taken poison; it appearing to the majistrate by whom he was commited, that certain poison was given by the said Frank, to a certain Negro man named Dick the property of John Gregory aforesaid with an intent to mingle the same with the food of the said Gregory and thereby put a period to his existence, for which offence the said Dick was legally convicted and executed, that your petitioner thinks it highly reasonable if his slave's death was produced from either of the aforesaid causes. That the said slave being in possession of the commonwealth and diverted from the possession of your petitioner that the commonwealth in all cases of the kind whatsoever should render the proprietors a compensation equal to the value of the said property so divested from them, more especially in this case where the proof allmost amount to a certainty of his guilt- which had he lived to have had the same ascertained by a trial, would have produced his execution and your petitioner would have been, paid, his value by the country. That it was impossible from the possession of the commonwealth as aforesaid stated, for your, Petitioner, from [whatever?] cause the fatal disease of his slave [illegible] to have administer'd the necessary medical aid to have used any efforts whatever to arrest the stroke of death, his slave being at a distance from him, confined in a dungeon, loaded with Irons and