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Reekes, Thomas: Petition, Mecklenburg County

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Mecklenburg County , to wit, To the Sheriff of said County whereas Dick the property of John Gregory and Frank the Property of Thomas Reekes and Billey the property of Edmond Collier late of this County were this day committed to the Jail [of?] this County by my Warrant it appearing to me that the felonious offence wherewith they stand Charged ought to be Examined into by the County Court therefore on behalf of the Commonwealth I require you that you summon a Court to meet at the Courthouse on the 4th day of next month there to hold a Court for the Examination of the fact with which the said Dick, Frank and Billey stands Charged and for such other Purposes Concerning the Premises as is by Law required & directed and have then there this Warrant Given under my hand this 27th day of February 1802 H. Ashton

summoned to attend the Court as within is directed by R. Apperson Dep of T. Foulkes Shff Mr. H. R. Feild Mr. Hester Mr. Puryear Mr. Ashton Mr. Keen Mr. Tabb summoned by Joshua Standley D. Shff The Clerk of the Court and Mr. Alexander Sheriff's Return The within named Frank Mr. Reekes property was taken Ill about half after Eight O Clock in the Morning of this day and Expired at about half after 10 O Clock the