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Reekes, Thomas: Petition, Mecklenburg County

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Mecklenburg County 29th Nov: 1805

In the month February 1802 (at which time I acted as Deputy Sheriff of the Mecklenburg County) three [there] were several negroes in said County accused with ploting together some to poison their master & [tones?] to do other unlawful acts which made it necessary to arrest fifteen or twenty for the purpose of investigating and examining into their conduct. It appeared that Dick the property of John Gregory had made a plot with Frank the property of Thomas Reeks to poison the said Gregory, from the evidence the said Frank was the person whom Dick obtained his poison from and was the instructor in the way of administration. Several negroes seemed to have a knowledge of the conspiracy, but Frank the property of Reekes was a very artful fellow, and appeared to have been the foundation of the evil design of the rest, relative to the poisoning Dick, the property of John Gregory was examined by the Court of Mecklenburg County & was condemned & executed and Frank the property of Thomas Reekes on his way from the jailor died a very sudden death that the cause of his death was attributed to be either the confinement in a wagon or his taking poison before he started from the jailor which was about seven miles from the courthouse. He died the morning before his examination was to take place from the cause aforesaid as was supposed. The Negroe was a well healthy looking person & appeared to be of a very vicious disposition proud &c