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Battery C, 327th Battalion roster

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Officers Chrisman, Roger K B.C. Remsing, Frank Executive Off Boettigheimer, Rudolph R. O. Lasris, Henry Asst. Exec. Turpin, Frank E Asst. Exec

1st Sgt Clerks Crosby, R.P. Kapell, H. H. Pritchard, W. J. Supply Laison Agent Dix, John L Denney, K.

1st Section 2nd Section Guthrie (Chief of Sect) Richardson (Chief of Sect) Bond (Gunner) Lego (Gunner) Slevinski (Am Cpl) Chumley (Am Cpl) Boyte Burchfield Farina Guerero Foster Miguel Jarrett Sawyer Koca Florence Linehan Everidge Mariscal Housman Berry Sanders Dumnagan Seelye Hochreiter Reynolds Wojak Smith, H W

3rd Section 4th Section Hanson (Chief of Sect) Thomashofsky (Chief of Sect) Norris (Gunner) Burnham (Gunner) Hammond (Am Cpl) Hall (Am Cpl) Gabalas Hewett Beaird Hornbrook Powell Davis J L LLoyd Robish Meisel Garza McQuiston Di Maio Ramirez Gould Christiansen Coleman Hanks Niedermeyer Wilson Keeton Polich

Detail Section Wire Section Ballengee (Chief of Sect) Murphy (Chief of Sect) Ivkovich (Radio Sgt Garner Shirey (Scout Cpt) Thomason Berney (Scout Cpt) Wilkinson Brogdon Alvarado I N Murray Sandlin Odom Gau Long Ianonne Martin