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1. To remember always that Germany, though conquered, is still a dangerous enemy nation. a. It is known that an underground organization for the continuation of the Nazi program for world domination is already in existence. This group will take advantage of every relaxation of vigilance on our part to carry on undercover war against us. b. The occupational forces are not on a good-will mission.

2. Never to trust Germans, collectively or individually.

a. For most part of the century, Germany has sought to attain world domination by conquest. This has been the third major attempt in the memory of men still living. To many Germans, this defeat will only be an interlude-a time to prepare for the next war.

b. Except for such losses of life and property suffered by them, the Germans have no regrets for the havoc they have wrought in the world.

c. The German has been taught that the national goat of domination must be attained regardless of the depths of treachery, murder and destruction necessary. He has been taught to sacrifice everything- ideals, honor, and even his wife and children for the State. Defeat will not erase that idea.

3. To defeat German efforts to poison my thoughts or influence my attitude.

a. The Nazis have found that the most powerful propaganda weapon is distortion of the truth. They have made skillful use of it and will re-double their