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Movement orders

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RESTRICTED 3. Indiv records required for processing in accordance with current directions, will be placed in custody of the Flt Supervisor named in movement order prior to departure fr this sta and will be turned over tot he CO, Separation Center or Reception Sta, upon arr thereat. 4. PGS with TDY enroute at Reception Sta, Separation Center or Redistribution Sta. 5. All personnel will be under the command of the ATC fr the time of emplaning until arr at destination airport. 6.Tvl by commercial acft, rail or commercial or Govt motor T. is auth. TO will furn nec T. TDN. 601-31 P 431-02, 03 A 212/60425. 7. Mon alws, per diem or mileage is not auth for any portion of journey where air tvl is involved and/or while at Transcon Center. 8. When applicable, meal tickets will be determined and issued by appropriate TO in accordance with AR 30-2215, for use between Transcon Center, destination airport, Reception Sta and/or place where grounded to final destination. AUTH: WD Ltf AG 370.5 (11 Aug 45) OB-S-E-SPMOT-M dtd 16 August 1945, Subject: Movement of Personnel under the Transcon Project. BY ORDER OF COLONEL RUTLEDGE: A.B. Martin Capt., TC Asst Adjutant Distribution, "A1" RESTRICTED