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Goodrich, Margaret: Petition, Nansemond County

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such manner as she humbly conceives was the original intention of the Convention and Governour & Council when they made the former al[l]otment; Your Petitioner further sheweth that for want of household Servents to Manufacture the necessary apparel for herself and her Children, she has been obliged to have recourse to her freinds [friends] for very considerable sums of Money which have been expended on that account, Whereas were your Petitioner in lieu of a Sum of Money equal to her present necessities, to be intrusted [entrusted] with the management of the Slaves belonging to the Estate of her Husband, she has reason to believe that the affection which they retain for her, and the authority which she would have over them, would attach them to her interest, and enable her more affectually [effectually] to answer the reasonable expectations of her Children, and to execute the benevolent perposes [purposes] of the former assignment, which from the advanced price of every thing she can by no means expect to do with her present allowance, but must feel hardships to which she and her Children have as yet been strangers, In tender Consideration whereof, and forasmuch, as his Excellency the Governour and Conuncil have from an opinion of their own incompetency to grant Your Petitioner the relief which she sollicits [solicits], recommended her to wait until the meeting of the Assembly. Your Petitioner humbly prays that, takeing [taking] the premisses [premises] into consideration, this Honourable House would be graciously pleased to make order for the restitution of the Slaves belonging to the Estate of her husband, to be employed by her for the support of herself and young Children, in the cultivation of the plantations