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Lucy; Rose, Ottey; Rose, Alexander; & Rose, Polly: Petition, Nelson County

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To the Legislature of Virginia. Your petitioners Lucy, Ottey Rose, Alexander Rose and Polly Rose respectfully represent to your honorable body, that they are persons of colour and residents of the County of Nelson. That they were recently the Slaves of James Hulleyburton, who departed this life some time in the month of September 1839, and by his last will and testament, an authenticated copy of which is herewith presented, manumitted them. Your petitioners are aware that according to the law, they must leave this Commonwealth within twelve months from the time their emancipation takes effect, or be subjected to sale as Slaves, and that from the penalty of this law, there is no permanent relief except by the interposition of the Legislature of the State; which interposition your petitioners most humbly and earnestly invoke. Your petitioners, Ottey, Alexander and Polly, as they are constrained to state, are the children of their late master, who by his will has made ample provision for their support so that they are not likely to be a burden or an incumbrance [encumbrance] to the public. They have been trained to such habits of industry, honesty and economy as to guarantee their good conduct for the future. They have been deeply impressed with that humility of feeling and deportment which their condition in life requires, of which they will furnish the most ample testimonials. Your petitioners can but feebly express what they most deeply feel, an ardent, strong and unsurpassed attachment to the land of their nativity, and an unwillingness to leave it, notwithstanding the disabilities which it imposes, unless driven away by the sternness and inflexibility of that policy, to the necessity of which they never contributed. Indeed your petitioners can truly say, that if they were at liberty to select their own masters, they would prefer slavery here, to liberty in any other land. Your petitioners in seeking the privilege of a continued residence in the State of Virginia, invite any limitations or conditions which the General Assembly may think proper to impose. They are willing to be restricted to the County of Nelson to be placed under the constant surveillance and or scrutiny of the Court and the public officers, and submit to the forfeiture of their