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Lucy; Rose, Ottey; Rose, Alexander; & Rose, Polly: Petition, Nelson County

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We the undersigned, Citizens of the County of Nelson, have been for many years well acquainted with Lucy, Ottey Rose, Alexander Rose and Polly Rose, who have been recently manumitted by the last will and testament of James Halleyburton decd [deceased] and intend to petition the General Assembly of Virginia for permission to remain in this State, and take great pleasure in stating that they are persons of honest character, industrious and sober habits, and remarkable for the propriety and humility of their deportment; and while we approve the general policy of the law in relation to free negroes, slaves and mulattoes, so exemplary, so quiet and so faithful has been the conduct of these petitioners, that we should be gratified to see that policy relaxed in relation to them. Nov. 4 1840 Robert N. Nickel Alexander Kidd Nelson Philips Jams Jhoson John Allen Richd C. Pollard Mordecai A Helly Bontwell T Hawking John Stevens Jr Elias J Wills John Wills Abraham Seay A. G. Seay Jono. J Seay Augustin W Seay John M. Wills Jno Kidd Wm. C. Stevens Dalenting Vandley Thos. Henderson

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