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Loving, Lunsford L.: Petition, Nelson County

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At a Court of Monthly Session continued and held for Nelson county at the court house on Tuesday the 27th day of December, 1964. Present Charles N. Patterson, Presiding Justice[;] Daniel M. Harris, James J. Hughes, Miles T. Shipman and John S. Ewers } Gen Justices[.] Charles a Slave, the property of L. L. Loving of Nelson County, who stands charged with a felony by him committed in the County of Nelson and within the Jurisdiction of this Court, in this that he did on the 4th day of December 1864, in said County, feloniously and maliciously burn a certain stable and barn, the property of the said Lunsford L. Loving situated in the said County and which were then of the value of $10,000 including provender and grains, was this day set to the bar in custody of the Sheriff of this county and Alexander Fitzpatrick being assigned by the Court as his Counsel, and the same slave Charles being thereupon assigned, pleaded not guilty - and the Court having heard the evidence are unanimously of opinion that the said slave Charles is guilty of the offence wherewith he stands charged and it being demanded of the said Slave Charles if anything he had or know to say why the Court should not now proceed to pronounce judgment on him, and nothing being offered or alleged in arrest or delay of judgment , it is considered by the Court that the said Slave Charles be hanged by the neck till he be dead. And it is ordered that the Sheriff of the County cause execution of this sentence to be done upon the said slave Charles on Friday the 27th day of January next between the hours of ten in the forenoon and four in the afternoon at the usual place of execution. And the said Slave is remanded to Jail. And the Court proceeding to value said Slave Charles as the law directs, each of the Justices present in Court affixed to him such value as in his opinion the said slave would bring if sold publicly under a Knowledge of the circumstances of his guilt, whereupon each and every Justice valued said Slave at the sum of $7,000 in the currency of the country. A copy - Teste S. H. Loving, Clk