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Jackson, Henry: Petition, Norfolk City

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had prosecuted, it with assiduity untill the commencement of the year 1802 and just when he had mastered the Profession & was flattered with hope and encouragement. His hopes were blasted & his prospects destroyed by the positive injunctions of this Law of 1802. Your Petitioner ever since the passage of the aforesaid Law, has been generally out of employment, and feeling himself well qualified to pursue his regular Profession to which he has been educated has been unwilling to resort to any other pursuit, for a livelyhood and is confident, that if This assembly in their indulgence, will repeal the operation of said clause of the Law of 1802, so far as it affects him, or will enact a Law, extending to him the benefit of the aforesaid Proviso in the said Law, That he will be able to comply with all the requisites of the said Law Exhibit satisfactory proof of his due qualification, and to discharge the duties of a Pilot, with credit and success. In corroboration, whereof and to assure your Honorable Body, that your Petitioners justly entitled to the indulgence prayed for in this Petition, He himself begs leave to exhibit to the Honorable Speaker and members of the House of Delegates, the subjoined certificate under the signature of some of the most respectable merchants of the Borough of Norfolk, the place of his nativity and education. May it please your Honorable Body to take this Petition into their tender consideration, And your Petitioner as in duty bound, will ever pray &c. [etc.]. Henry Jackson Junr.

We the undersigned do hereby certify and make known that We believe the statements contained in the annexed Petition of Henry Jackson junr to be just and true, and that he is well entitled to the benefit and indulgence prayed for in the said Petition. Given under my hands at Norfolk on this 1st day of November in the year of Our Lord, Eighteen hundred and ten. J. B. Cunningham William Bennett M. T. C. Jordan Thos Calvert M. M. Ferebez Richard Bainview Peter Nestell Rob. Brough William Seymour John Camp Tristian Butler J. C. Dietrick Chris'n Fry

Jas [illegible] Robert Gibson Jas Sykes John Granbery Alex. Wilson Thomas Dickson Theo Armistead William Dickson Rich'd Blaco L. Marks Jr. Warrin [Mehley? Ashley?] Geo Wilson Edwin Lee Francis Smith Geo Rowland James Thorburn Geo. Murray A Maclure Moris Myers George McIntosh Wm Lennoch