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Citizens: Petition, Norfolk City

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To the General Assembly of the State of Virginia, The undersigned, citizens and residents of the city of Norfolk, respectfully represent that they have become interested in behalf of Randall Green, a manumitted slave, required by the terms of the law, to leave the Commonwealth of Virginia, within twelve months after his manumission by the considerations herein after stated; and have been persuaded by the same considerations to petition your honourable body, that an act be passed permitting said Randall Green during good behavior to continue to reside in the city of Norfolk. Your petitioners respectfully suggest, as the considerations by which they are influenced, that the said Randall Green, for many years prior to and for the time since his manumission, has resided in the city of Norfolk and has maintained during the whole period, the character of an orderly peaceable, industrious, and highly useful man enjoying the confidence of this community for his integrity and humility. That the said Randall Green has been for 22 years the exemplary husband of a slave woman the property of a venerable widow lady of great respectability, a resident of this city: and from long habit, the said Randall Green has become an indispensable aid in the discharge of important offices to this venerable and infirm lady: The said Randal Green was manumitted by the deed of his master, hereto annexed and marked A, and the undersigned beg leave to premise that the magistrates of this city having adopted a rule that in a judicial capacity they will reject the applications of manumitted slaves, to be permitted to reside in this city. There was no encouragement to the said Randall Green to petition the Court of this city as the law provides. The undersigned beg leave to call the attention of your honourable body to the fact that many of the magistrates of this city in their individual capacity unite in this petition and have subjoined to their names hereto their magisterial addition: Your Petitioners respectfully pray that a law may be enacted permitting the said Randall Green, a manumitted slave, to continue to reside during good behaviour, in the city of Norfolk.