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Rachel & Rachel, Jr.: Petition, Northumberland County

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To his Excellency Patrick Henry Esqr. Governour our cheif Majistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the honourable the Council for the said Commonwealth The Humble Petition of Rachele and Her infant Child Rachele

Humbly sheweth That your Petitioner were (however shocking for humanity) born slaves! and heretofore the property of John Barr late of the County of Northumberland deceased.

That the said John Barr from a sense of the Service rendered to him in his lifetime by your Petitioner, and as a reward intended by him to them for the same; He the said John Barr by his last Will and Testament and Codicil thereto annex'd in writing and duly made and publish'd by him in his lifetime and bearing date the Thirteenth day of March in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Seventy six duly proved and of record in the Court of the said County of Northumberland in which among other things the said John Barr makes the following declaration and devise Viz't "I claim no right title or interest of in or to my Negroe woman Rachele and her child Rachele and hereby order that the same shall in no wise for ever hereafter be considered as part of my estate. And I do hereby give and bequeath unto my brother Zachariah Seventy five acres of my Land, Joining Jamesons, Palmer and Husuto land with as much of my estate as will build a House thereon in trust and to and for the benefit make use and profit of the said Negroe woman Rachele and her child Rachele and their heirs for ever,["] as may appear by your Petitioners Bill of Complaint exhibited by Rachell to Thomas Gaskins Esqr, a Justice of the peace for the said County of Northumberland against the said Zachariah Barr the heir at Law and one of the Administrators of the said John Barr with his said Will & Codicil annex'd as by the said Bill and the Answer of the said Zachariah for the [illegible] [illegible] annex'd will with more certainty and at large appear

That the said Zachariah Barr as heir at law to the said John Barr claims a right to your Petitioners as his Slaves, and after many threats to sell your Petitioners as such, into foreign parts, did in execution thereof in the Night time of the [blank] Day of February last with an armed force, Seize your Petitioners, and afterwards transported them by water to the head of Rappahannock river, in order to remove them to a greater and unknown distance for Sale, and with design wholly to deprive your Petitioners of all opportunity and means of enjoying or obtaining their freedom; but in the full execution of this his inhuman and wicked purpose, he the said Zachariah Barr was fortunately disappointed by the interposition of the friendly hand of Justice; as may appear by the Certificate of one of the Justices of the peace for the County of Stafford hereto annex'd.

"That the said Zachariah Barr, state continues to threaten your Petitioners with removing them & selling them into foreign parts as slaves