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Rachel & Rachel, Jr.: Petition, Northumberland County

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But your respondent also showeth that one Joseph Hudnall of Northumberland County had before that taken upon himself the Administration of the Estate of his said deceased Brother John Barr and had Inventoried the greatest part If not all of the same that ever came to the sd. [said] Huddnall's Hands knowledge or preparation except the same above mentioned Rachael the Complainant, and her child Rachael, and your respondent confesses himself to be much at a loss to discover the Reasons which induced the sd. [said] Hudnell, to neglect this part of his Duty your Respondent will not be so Liberal of Abuse and [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] the [illegible] of [illegible] [illegible]. In charging the said Joseph Hudnall with a Breach of his oath, and would rather incline to believe that he acted according to the Best of his own Judgment and Counsel [illegible] into Confess that he believes his brother John dec'd Had often in his lifetime said to the sd [said] Negres Rachael that He the dcd [deceased] John would set her free. At his the said John's Death and he had also been informed by a person on whose veracity he depends That the said John declared upon his death bed that he had at different times told her so, and that he desired the person of his last will to write such a clause in his will in the strongest manner he could. But at the same time said little or nothing about Rachael's child more than wishing it be well taken care Of Now Your Respondent further shares that his brother the said John was told on his death bed that he could not then set the said Rachael free, But he might express his good intention towards her and her child in such manner and to such friends as he could confide in. Whereupon after his will was wrote, signed & sealed.He desired a Codicil to the above purpose to be annexed there to which was done in the manner in the Bill aforesaid And your Respondent shews that between the time of the said John Barr's death, and the time of your Respondent's taking upon himself the Admin. of his estate, The said Rachael eloped from the late dwelling plantation of the said John, Carrying her child Rachael away with her. And absent from the same [illegible] [illegible] time And was absent at the time of and after your Respondent's taking on himself the Admin. aforesaid. That your Respondent firmly believes that he made Oath before the County Court of Virginia to administer the estate of his said Brother John Barr and according to his said last will and codicil so far and in such manner as he was