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Rachel & Rachel, Jr.: Petition, Northumberland County

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As a person whom he thinks himself obliged to take care of. But now so it is may it please your Worship or Worships that the said Negroe Rachael Combining and confederating to end with divers persons at present unknown to your Worship or Worships or to your Respondent whose name or names when discovered [illegible] may be inserted in this answer or another bill of complaint with apt words to charge them the said confederates have combined and confederated to inquire and assess the said Negroe child and also your Respondent respecting the [illegible] Have predicated upon some person of good abilities to [illegible] her said Bill against your Orator to the end therefore that the will and codicil of the said john Barr may be fully filled. As for as the Laws of the Laws of the State of Virginia will permitt and that equal and impartial justice may be done to your Respondent as a [illegible] of the said state. May it please your Worship or Worships as far as in your Jurisdiction lies to take the said Bill and answer into your consideration (Admitting that your Respondent Confesses the sd [said] Rachael left the sundry articles of clothes &c in the Bill [illegible] at his house (at the time of her elopement aforesd). And determine the same as to the Laws of this State shall be agreeable and at the same time agreeable to equity and good conscience.

And your Respondent shall ever pray &tc

Northumberland [illegible]

Zachariah Barr

Zachariah Barr made oath this 28th day of Novr [November] before me Thomas Gaskins one of the Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid that the facts mentioned in the above answer as of his own knowledge are true and [illegible] and the allegations as and from other Persons he believes to be true. Given under my hand & seal this day of above 1776.

Thos. [Thomas] Gaskins