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Dick: Petition, Patrick County

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To the Genl Assembly of Virginia The petition of Dick of the County of Patrick respectfully represents that by a deed regularly recorded in the Clerks Office of the County aforesaid; he was some one or Two years since emancipated by his late master John Koger; for and in consideration of his long faithfull & honest services to him; as is shewn by the said deed a Copy of which is here to annexed, that he is now upward of 40 years of age; has a wife and several Children, slaves, residing in the County of Franklin in this state to whom he is attached by all the ties which bind a Husband to his wife and a father to his Children; that a seperation from them would deprive him of the little happiness which is alloted to him in this world of sorrows and vicissitudes, that he served his master who reached the advanced age of 95 years for upward of thirty years immediately preceeding his death as his body servant. & never during that whole period. that he now recollects did he receive a stroke or an angry expression from him, that the Only reward he expected or desired for those services, was to live in peace & quietness with his wife Children and other relatives, that now in the advancing & declining period of his life when his Children & his wife would be as slaves to him to prop & cheer him on in his Course of humility & obedience to all persons, to be seperated from them by expatriation from the place of his birth & the home of his ancestors would be distressing to the feelings of his Heart. beyond the power of description - he does not deem it necessary or respectfull to enlarge upon the subject - your acknowledged sense of Justice & sympathy for Poor suffering Humanity. wherever the character of your Honbl body is known, is a sufficient Guarantee that his prayer will not be in Vain - your petitioner had determined to submit to the laws and quit the County forever, though at the expence of most agonized feelings & painfull emotions - such as pen Cannot describe but his numerous friends among the benevolent & Humane whites advised him to throw himself upon the Mercy