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Inhabitants: Petition, Petersburg

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on the purchase of several lots of ground in the said town, and erecting buildings and making improvements thereon; and making contracts and engagements, believing himself entitled to all the priveleges [privileges] and rights ... to which other free persons of the same colour are entitled. That he has intermarried with a woman of his own complextion complexion] a native of the island of Quadaloupe. But in the mean time, his family has increased in the said town; that he has five children all born therein of whom the oldest does not exceed the age of eight years; that the has continued to reside in the said town from his first settlement [there?] without the least molestation, interruption, or any objection whatever on the part of any magistrate or any other person, till the 15th day of June last, when he was summoned to appear before several respectable magistrates of the said town, for the purpose of shewing cause, why he should not be removed and sent out of this State, because it was alleged that he had migrated thereto, and remained therein, contrary to the act of General Assembly passed on the 12th day of December in the year 1793 entitled "an act to prevent the migration of free negroes and mulattoes into this Commonwealth". That his character and conduct, as well as his long residence in the town, were well known to most of those magistrates who were disposed to be as endulgent to him and his wife, as they could be, consistently with their duty but that when Meyer Ellbeck and his wife Magdalen appeared before them pursuant to the [illegible--torn]