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Inhabitants: Petition, Petersburg

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it was their opinion, that they came within the purview of the act of Assembly, and they they had no discretionary powers to dispense with the law, but that their situation was such, as to induce an indulgence towards them, of a residence in town till the first of January next upon giving security to keep the peace, and be of good behaviour while they remain therein." but that as they have continued to demean themselves since the said order of removal was made, in the same prudent and correct manner, in which they had always conducted themselves before, no such security has been required of them. Your petitioners beg leave respectfully to observe, that if they said act of Assembly was really intended to embrace such cases as those of Major [Elbeck? Eelbeck?] and his wife, yet the non-execution of the law by the magistrates of Petersburg, during a period of so many years, though merely through inadvertence, has subjected the said Major Elbeck and his wife to very great inconvenience, difficulty and embarrassment, by misleading them to believe, that they were on an equal footing with native inhabitants of the same colour, and inducing him to enter into engagements and contracts, and make purchases and improvements which, if he had been apprised of the objection to his residence in Virginia, he never would have made.