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Inhabitants: Petition, Petersburg

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of his long and exemplary life, to the education & improvement of the poor children of the Town, always the object of his charity and benevolence while living; your petitioners cannot but feel the liveliest and most gratefull solicitude, upon a subject, about which, he manifests so much anxiety in his will; and of which his heart seem'd so full, in his dying moments. But these feelings would never induce your petitioners, to trouble your honorable body, if they did not regard the object, in ev[e]ry view, as worthy of the boon, destined for him by his master. With respect to the good conduct and character of this slave, no testimony can be stronger, none can be more implicitily confided in, than that which is contain'd in the last will of David Anderson. Many of your petitioners, however can testify to his most unprecedented conduct and behavior to his master, amidst all the bad examples he saw, & all the temptations he was exposed to: And if the past be any pledge of the future, your petitioners can have no hesitation in a asserting, that the slave in question, if emancipated here, will be an example, to his colour of honesty, industry, and prosperity of demeanour. Your petitioners cannot suppose, that the least injury or inconvenience can prossibly result to the public, from his remaining among us: on the contrary