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Munford, Nancy; Armistead, Elizabeth; & Walden, Catherine: Petition, Petersburg

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To The Legislature of Virginia The Petition, of Nancy Munford, Alias Waldan, Elizabeth Armistead late Elizabeth Walden, and Catharine Walden, the family of the late Thomas Walden, of the Town of Petersburg, a Carpenter by trade and a free man of color; Respectfully and Humbly shew, to the Legislature, that the said Thomas Walden, was unfortunately murdered in the month of Dec 1845 in that part of Petersburg, in which he had lived for many years (Blandford) then living with your Petitioner as his family as he had been for many years before, (by a man by the name of Lee, who was apprehended, tried, convicted, and sent to the Penitentiary, where he is now [attoning?] for the dreadful crime, which he had committed, In consequence of the dreadfull and unexpected calamity, by which they have been greatly afflicted, they have been most unexpectedly thrown into difficulties, and privations, not anticipated, There can be no doubt that if time had been allowed him, that he would have given the hard earnings of his Industry, and prudence to his family. The Petitioner but he was so suddenly cut off that after mining the mortal blow he never spoke a word, that at the time of his death he was possessed of a home and Lot in Blandford, upon which he with your Petitioners then had lived, for several years for which he gave the sum of $300 accumulated by his Industry and Prudence and a piece of land in Dinwiddie County, Supposed to contain 150 acres in thereabouts that his property, as your Petitioners are informed, is liable to [encheat?] to the Commonwealth for the want of Lawful heirs of the said decedant your Petitioner Nancy altho she lived with him for many years as his wife in all respects except that they were never lawfully married, and [been?] to him her two children, who join her in this Petition, and which he always acknowledged as his children, with whom they lived till his death, as did your Petitioner Nancy. of which your Petitioner will furnish satisfactory proof; they further shew that a short time before his death, he applied to