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Ben: Petition, Pocahontas County

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before the Legislature of the State and ask that an act may pass authorizing him and his Infant Daughter to live in the enjoyment of an estate bequeathed to him by the bounty of his Master, and avert the doom of Banishment incurred by no act of guilt, and your Petitioner will ever pray &c [etc].

To the Legislature of Virginia. The Petition of the undersigned relatives of Jacob Warwick decd [deceased] respectfully represents. That by the last will and Testament of Jacob Warwick. This negro man Ben now about 53 years of age together with his daughter Taymer were emancipated. In writing their prayer with that of a faithful grey headed servant that he may be permitted to remain in the State the undersigned beg leave to state that the Character of the Petitioner is such in every respect as to authorize the Legislature to grant the Petition without affecting the Peace or prosperity of the neighbourhood. It was by the generous self devotion of Ben that the life of his master was saved on one occasion, to bless his relatives by his society and his fatherly love. When deeds of this kind are done, it becomes a wise and humane legislature to encourage similar devotion in domestics by giving them countenance and support in all Laudable views. Your Petitioners pray that the case of this faithful negro who has

so long followed his master in loyalty and love may be taken into consideration and that he may be permitted to remain where (if necessary) the undersigned may be enabled to afford him and his daughter that protection to which they are prompted by duty and inclination and they will pray. &c [etc.] A.S. Warwick Sampson Mathens Sam Wance James W. Warwick } Jacob Warwick } Both sons of A.S. Warwick and legatees John W. Warwick } another legatee Mary Elizabeth Warwick a legatee Chas. Cameron A.W. L Cameron (a Legatee) [Illegible] Mathews (a Legatee) A M Gatewore (Legatee Mary Jane Mathews a legatee S W Lee (legatee A G Mathews legatee Benjamin [Saltman?] Jacob Warwick Robert C Warwick William Warwick Sampson L Mathews, Legatee Wm Poage Mary V. Poage (a legatee) Margaret D Poage (a legatee) Woods Poage (a legatee) Josiah Beard Rachel C Beard, a legatee Elizabeth W. Poage