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Hill, Thomas: Petition, Pocahontas County

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And freedom, according to the tender designes of their departed and much lamented friend, and relative, your petitioner asks leave to represent that the Section of County in which he resides being Situate West of the Alleghany there are consequently but very few Slaves in that part of the Country, therefore the precedent of a law Emancipating the aforesaid Slave Can have no effect of any kind Whatsoever, upon the mindes [minds] of those of that unfortunate race who may be retained -- in bondage -- your petitioner asks leave further to Suggest that by the passage of a law Authorizing the liberation of the Said Slave, he would be permitted to reside within the Circle of the relatives of his deceased master, and if from any unforeseen accident he should in his declining years, Stand in need of assistance he would receive it from the fostering hand of those who at all times would feel a pleasure in granting Such releif as his necessities might require your petitioner Soliciting the passage of a law Authorizeing [authorizing] him to Emancipate the Said Slave Humphry with permission to remain in the Common-wealth. Humbly asks leave to request of your Honourable body to take the Subject into Consideration and grant Such relief as in your wisdom may be thought proper. And your Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray &c [etc.] Thomas Hill