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Depp, Abraham: Petition, Powhatan County

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In the name of God. I John Depp of the County of Powhatan, being of sound mind & memory, do make & ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form as followeth. First, I desire that my body be decently intered [interred], and that all my Just debts be paid, for which purpose I subject all my estate real and personal. Item, I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth, during her natural life, all my estate real and personal (after the payment of my Just debts), except my slave Abrum, who is to be free at my death, and one of the boys Frand, and Henry, or Edmond, which have given to said Abrum, and after the death of my said wife the estate which I lend her as above is to be disposed of in the following manner. To Nancy Brooks who has been raised by my wife, I give my negro woman Sylvia and her increase, also a good feather bed and furniture, and also one cow. I lend to old Lucy during her natural life, a negro girl called Eliza ann (daughter of Hannah) and at the death of Lucy I give the said Eliza ann and her increase, to the said Nancy Brooks and her heirs forever. On the first day of March in the year 1801 I executed to Lucy and her children (Abrum, Salsbury, Stephen, Esther, and some others since dead) and the increase of the females, a deed of emancipation to take effect after the death of me & my wife, which said deed was recorded in Powhatan County Court on the 18th day of March in the year 1801, but in case there should be any defect in the said deed, my will and desire is, that the above said negroes and the increase of the female Esther, should be free at the death of my wife, except Abram, who I desire to be free at my death; and as we have had the benefit of their labour, Justice and good Conscience require that I should make some provision for them, which I do as follows -- I give Salsbury forty acres of land on the north side of the Buckingham road, to be laid off at the east end of the tract which I purchased of William Johnson and also the land purchased of Baker bounded by lands of Pamberton, Walden and my own containing not more than four acres, to him and his heirs forever. I give to Abram so much of the tract

of land purchased by me of Johnson, and also that purchased of Hopkins and Walker, as is lying westwardly of a line begining at the south line of the said land and running about north east by a mulberry tree in the bottom, and a cedar tree in the orchard to Benjamin Watkins's line but should said Abram die before his wife, then I give to his said wife Mary during her natural life, the land above described as given to her husband, and after her death so such of her children as she may have had by said Abram, to be equally divided between them. I also give to said Abram two negro boys Frank, & Henry, or Edmond, which ever he may choose, and also the sett of blacksmiths tools used by him, also the coal and Iron on hand at my death, except so much of the coal & Iron as my wife in her discretion may desire and retain for her use, which I give to her. I also to said Abram all the debts due for work done by him in that year in which I may die, to him & his heirs forever. And as Abram is to be free at my death, my will and desire is that he be put in possession of the land as above described immediately after my death. And I also give him his provisions or board in the family to the year in which I may die. The residue of the property given to him is to be retained by my wife during her natural life. I also give to said Abram, should he be living at the death of my wife the residue of the said tract of land purchased from Johnson, and also that purchased from Hopkins and Walker, which lying between that which is herein given to him and that give to Salsbury. I give to Stephen all my land lying on the west side of Dittys Creek adjoining Forsees line, as also money enough to build him a comfortable house, which I desire my executors herein after named to attend to, and cause the said house to be built. I also give him two cows, and the sett of blacksmiths tools used by him, to him and his heirs forever. I hereby emancipate and set free my slave Miles to take effect on the death of my wife, should she survive me. I give to Miles and Esther his wife one