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Depp, Abraham: Petition, Powhatan County

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hundred acres of land, to be taken from the east end of the tract on Dittys Creek, also one cow and one horse. I also give to Miles and Esther a sufficient sum of money to build them a comfortable dweling house, which I desire my executors to pay, or to have the said house built. I also give them one years provisions, and also the residue of my lands, lying between that given to them, and that given to Stephen, to them and their heirs forever. All the rest and residue of my estate I direct to be sold by my executors, and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided among all my negros then living, which are freed by me, (except Esther's husband Miles). If Abram should die without leaving a child or children who are free, or can legally hold property, then I give to Nancy Brooks all the estate hereby bequeathed to him. If any of the before named negroes to whom property is hereby given should die without leaving children who are capable of taking and holding property, my will is that the estate hereby bequeathed to them should be equally divided between the survivors of them, and their heirs, such heirs being capable of recovering such estate and enjoying the free use thereof. The Laws of the State of Virginia not permit[t]ing emancipated slaves, after a certain period to remain more than twelve months in this state, if the said law should not be repealed or modified, so as to permit the slaves above mentioned, when they are entitled to their freedom, to remain in this state and enjoy the free use of their property, then I give and bequeath all the estate hereby devised to them, to my Executors hereinafter named, in trust for the use and benefit of my said negroes aforesaid, to be by my said executors disposed of, and lands purchased in some other state or place, at their discretion (consulting the reasonable wishes of the said negroes) where they can be moved to; and enjoy their freedom and property, and they put in possession thereof, as near as can conveniently be done, in the same proportion as it is intended by this will to give them. And lastly I do hereby