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Depp, Abraham: Petition, Powhatan County

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[necessary] for the shop -- no matter whether the amount was twenty hundred pounds or less -- all our leather, all our sugar & coffee, our liquors -- & indeed any thing whatever that the family might need. Mr. Depp not having been able to travel about for many years before his death, Abraham did nearly all his business in the Country. And so much confidence did every one have in him, that no one hesitated to enter into a contract with him. He would buy corn for the family in the country, fixing upon the price himself without any written authority from his master -- & whenever it was bought upon credit, Abraham's word for such a price was a sufficient guarantee for the letter. Indeed, so much confidence did his master always have in Abraham, that he scarce ever made a trade without consulting with him, and the good sense that Abraham always manifested really justified this. I will mention one other matter, which I do, because it always seemed to have made a very great impression on my late husband. In the year 1816 Mr. Depp had his ice-house dug. At first it was covered over with rails to prevent any accident until a roof could be placed over it. The depth was sixteen feet, and Mr. Depp in carelessly walking across upon the rails unfortunately slipped through, but caught hold upon the rails with his arms. Whilst hanging in this dangerous situation, without any power of rescuing himself, Abraham came to his relief, & fortunately, at some risk to himself, extricated him from this peril. During his life he often mentioned this -- & then would sigh & say that Abraham should not go unrewarded for it. I have thought it my duty to say this much in behalf of Abraham, earnestly hoping that it will seem right to our honourable Ct. to grant him his request. Elizabeth Depp 14th July '31. Abraham, too, has always been very active in collecting all debts. Teste Stephen Branch