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Winney: Petition, Preston County

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Disposed of to be equally divided between them equally, as I give an article of agreement to Christian [Cou?] for him to have a sertain [certain] peace [piece] of land at my decease provided that he maid [made] me a composation [compensation] for it in taking care and protecting of of me and my property which he doth not due I Tharefore revoke that article[.] / Ninthly my Blackwoman Cawled [called] Winne after my decease is to be taken in to the state of Pen[n]sylvania and thare [there] sot [set] at her liberty as a free woman by her paying the expenses of taking her there and she is to have all her clothing with her chest bed and being that is hurn [hers]. tenthly my black man cawled [called] Ben at my decease if he can go into pen[n]sylvania and make up three hundred and fifty dollars to go to my estate I give him that chance of chusing [choosing] his own master and get free as soon as he can[,] otherwise he is to be sold here with the rest of my property[.] Eleventhly at my decease I give all of my wairing [wearing] apered [apparel] to Hiram Royse. Twelfthly and lastly I anominate [nominate] and appoint one of my sons either Soloman Hiram or William Royse any one of them that comes in to be my lawfull exeutor for the execute this my last will and testament. I ap[p]oint Jeames [James] Metheney or John Peter Buckerd as my decease is to take an envetory [inventory] of all my moveable [movable] property and what part is perishable to sell at publick sale and take care of it till the executors come in which is to be sent for amediately [immediately] after my decease[.] this my last will and testement [testament] signed and sealed this twenty fifth day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen[.] Aaron Roys his X mark (seal) Witness Present Amos Roberts, Denes Jeffers, William Elliot A Copy Test Charles Byrne C.P.C [Clerk Preston County]