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Greenway, Dick: Petition, Prince George County

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To the General Assembly of Virginia Your petitioner Dick Greenway a man of colour respectfully represents, That his father, Simon Parham, a free, a free man of colour of the County of Prince George, departed this life not long since, and in disposing of his estate, real and personal, acquired by honest labour, in the course of a long life, among other things devised to your petitioner, a share of his estate, both real & personal, as well as his liberty. Your petitioners father, more than fifty years ago, took for his wife a slave the property of Robert Greenway, and by his diligence and industry, applied so much of his little earnings, as was a compensation to Mr. Greenway for the services of his wife, Your petitioners mother pursuing the same habits of industry and frugality, which enabled him to liberate his wife, Your petitioners father was enabled about Twenty five years ago, to purchase your petitioner of Mr. Greenway, also with an intention to restore him to his liberty which as far as he could was done by his last will and testament. Your petitioner is however advised, that by the laws of Virginia, he cannot take the benefit of his fathers, benevolent interventions toward him, were for freedom without removeing [removing] in a specified time, beyond the [limits?] of this state. He knows not whither to go. He is fifty one years of age, all his friendly and youthful associates are around him, brothers and sisters with attachments as strong a nature made them. To remain is to remain a slave, to go, is to abandon what next to liberty he has been taught by all he looks on in the society in which he has lived for more than half a century as scarcely less than a final separation from all terigtial [integral?] things