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White, Frankey: Petition, Prince George County

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To the Honorable the representtives of the people of Virginia in general assembly [illegible] Your Petitioner Frankey White in her own behalf & in behalf of her infant child Emily Jane, begs leave humbly to represent that she was formerly a slave belonging to Alfred Wilkins of the County of Prince George County & the mother of Five children all of whom were also slaves and at the time of the death of the sd. [said] Alfred Wilkins were of his family that in the year [blank] the sd Wilkins died & upon an examination into the situation of his affairs by his Administrators, it was found necessary to dispose of the Slaves for the purpose of satisfying the debts left unpaid by the sd. Wilkins, that most of the children of Your Petitioner were purchased in the family of the Sd Wilkins, but that your Petitioner was purchased by a man in no wise connected with or related to her former Master, that in consequence of this & her fears that he might be tempted by Lueret to sell her to some person who might carry her from her children, she through the aid and assistance of a friendly & humane individual, Horatio Moore of the above mentioned County, whose certificate is hereto annexed, was rendered able to purchase herself and to acknowledge & claim him as her lawful Master, that the Said Moore always acted in that capacity during his life. that in the month of July last the Said Moore died, leaving your Petitioner with every necessary evidence of her having purchased herself & of her being actually free, but outlawed by an Act of Assembly & liable to be at any time arrested in consequence of not having obtained from your honorable body permission according to Law to remain in the State. Your Petitioner begs leave humbly to say that she is governed by that feeling of affection which is a native of every breast, to live with her children, to enjoy occasionally the comfort which arise from a communion with them and to avoid the horrors of a separation from them. Your Petitioner feels assured that no stronger appeal can be made to your Sympathy, if such an appeal were at all necessary than a simple Statement of the fact that upon your decision rests the Joyous or heartrending alternative, whether she shall enjoy for her few remaining days the incalculable blessing of living with her children or be driven an outcast from the state to seek happiness where misery stares her in the face & to find a solace in the horrible climax of Motherly [illegible] & desolation. Where every Mother will remind her of pleasures she can never enjoy, & every object which presents itself, of her own desolate & forlorn condition. Your Petitioner begs leave to refer your honorable body to the names annexed hereto for her character, they are persons who have known her for many years & have been eye witnesses to her correct behavior & good deportment. In conclusion