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Chappell, Angelica: Petition, Prince George County

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than Virginia is what your petitioner begs and intreats of your honourable body not to do. It is not the purpose of your petitioner to question the policy of the law which prevents her continuance in the State: for she is well aware of the many bad acts of persons of her colour, and fully believes that had they all been good and orderly persons, the Act inhibiting their living in the commonwealth would never have passed she has been apprised that hard cases occur to many individuals under all general laws yet your petitioner humbly hopes that if she shows by the evidence of the most respectable white persons in her neighbourhood that nothing can be said against her general, moral character. That the Administrator has now in his hands about the sum of $300 (exclusion of the rent of her land and Hires of her negroes for the last year or two) which is certainly more than sufficient to place her above the necessity of [illegible] upon society and that the administrator refuses to give up her son Henry or to suffer him to be carried out of this commonwealth. She hopes that her application will not be in vain. Let your memorialist therefore entreat you to

to have reference to the papers accompan[y]ing this her Memorial and determine whether she has been of good moral charactor and with the property left her (and she in all human probability beyond child bearing) Shell she be compelled to seperate her self forever from her children and all her connections or will your honourable body not rather say let her remain and enjoy what she has where she is for may not your humble petitioner expect from the wise men of the land that Justice and Consolation that it is in their power to afford to an obscure Old black woman who would ever remember them with grat[it]ude[.] Angelica Chappell her X mark