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Brown, John: Petition, Prince William County

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To the honorable the Legislature of Virginia The petitioners of John Bullin late sheriff of Prince William County humble sheweth That on the eleventh day of July 1801 a negro man called John Bulllin alias Premus Bullin was committed to your petitioners jail [illegible] as a runaway by the warrant amend. That your petitioner duly advertises the said negro according to the [illegible] of the act of assembly and under the authority of this County Court of Prince William hired him out for five months for which he received twenty one dollars & thirty four cents. That your petitioner's [contained?] the said negro in his jail's custody as he was bound to do by the magistrates warrant until the 8th June, 1802 three hundred & thirty three days, previous to the [illegible] [having?] the said negro out his legal charge for which [illegible] one hundred and thirteen dollars & 22 cents. That for the balance, of the sum after deducting the $21.34 cents received as aforesaid he exhibited by an warrant [illegible] in the name of his [illegible] claim against the public to be certified as claims usually are to the auditor by the County to wit of Prince William Court The said Negro having been removed to be a [illegible] said discharged as such by the order of Nov. Court on 1802 a copy of which is annexed) the Court was of opinion That [illegible] a case not provided for by law and that your petitioner s only remedy was before the Legislature by protestaton. That freedom thereto be the case from legal advising your Petr. [petitioner] now humbly prays compensation to be provided by the necessary act in his favor. John Brown late sheriff of Prince Wm County