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Smith, John S.: Petition, Prince William County

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To the Honorable Legislature of Virginia John S. Smith of the County of Prince William and the state aforesaid, sheweth that in the year 1805 he moved to the state of Virginia to be a resident of the said state previous to his leaving the state of Maryland intending to bring his slaves with him and and took the oathe presscribed by Law in that case made and prescribed one of which by the name of Jack [Obscond?] and with all the deligence [Diligence] that could be used he never could get the said negro Jack untill this present summer of 1809 in which time between 1805 & 1809 the Legislator of Virginia past [passed] a Law prohibiting the removal of slaves from the said state of Maryland. The said negro slave Jack is aged 48 - or thereabouts your Petitioner prays your Honorable body to pass a law to enable him to hold the said negro Jack now in his possession in the state of Virginia, your petitioner further [hopes?] that he shall have hereto subscribed some of the most respectable Gentlemen of this County with Documents hereto annexed, all of which he submits to the Honorable Legislature of Virginia. Dated in the month of November, 1809. John S. Smith

Prince William County November 1809 We whose names are hereunto subscribed do at the request of John S Smith, certify that he the said Smith is alive, have reason to believe is a man of good forms and reputations and so respectable a Citizen of the Commonwealth, and beg leave to express in hopes that this prayer of his Petition may be granted.

[W?] Henderson Rob Graham David Boyle William Smith Phil D. Daniel Wm Barnes Colin Campbell [Geo?] Williams T A Smith James G Evans Geo. Smith William Smith Jr James Reid