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Brawner, Sarah: Petition, Prince William County

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John C. Brawner and myself. I also know the very distressed situation in which the Petitioner & her small family were placed in consequence of their removal, & the difficulty with which she contrived to support them since, and verily believe her to be a deserving woman & hope that her present application may be favorably received by the Legislature. John Lawson Dumfries September 29th 1810 I am acquainted with the Petitioner and believe the facts in her petition stated to be true and herself meriting the interference of the Legislature in her favor in which I hope she may be gratified. [Alsa Henderson?] Sept 29 1810

We the Subscribers cheerfully concur in Support of the foregoing Memorial & Petition, under a Confident impression of the correctness of the statement therein made, and hope that the prayer of the Petitioner may be granted verily believing that the accommodation prayed for will be of material benefit to the Petitioner & her family and of no Injury to the Community or any Individual thereof. Peter Trane Bernard Gallagher John Lenton [R D C O S E?] John Milstead John Campbell Chas King Thomas Davis

Rob: Graham Burrel Harrison P. Harrison William Cocke Thomas Chapman Robt Clements Wm A. G. Dach Newman Matthews Stephen [Teremt?] William F Moore

Jno. Fox Posey D Grant Daniel Grant William Wheeler Th. Wyehes Saml Adams M A D Sims Wm Farrow Wm [Darrd?]

Robert Hedges Isham E [Hedges?] Lewis Coosby Danl Torgie David Boyle William Smith Jr Robert Alexander John Carter Wm S Colquhoun Jesse Scott Q Ratcliffe H Barron Thomas Clarke James W Colquhoun Francis H Dunnington Joseph Huber John A Bland Peter T Halman John Lowe William Smith Henry M Smoote [illegible] King Chas. Bend George Carney N. Pearson

William H Barron Enoch Remo Thos. Smoots Geo Pearson Tho. Pearson Wm Brown Wm Cornwell Reuben Ampry Jno Cochrell Jno. Wright Mich. Coon Denl. Florence A [Baryha illegible] A T Davis B Cannon H Gray Jno B Cannon Arrington Evant Richard Arrington Joseph Smith John Ratcliff Harrison Goldring 136

Thomas Woodward William Calvert Charlaye Adams John S Harding Henry Birdwell John Merchant Jacob Merchant William Merchant Saml W Linebaugh Gustavus Thomas Richd. Mark James Thomas Levi Walker Samuel Johnston Thos. Thornton Jos. R Gilbert Thos [Harrson?] Jr