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Brawner, Basil: Petition, Prince William County

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The sum of Money charged as aforesaid upon the books of the Auditor of Public accounts, in consideration that he has not received any part of the same and for the reasons above set forth can never expect to receive any part thereof, And your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray &c. Basil Brawner January 22 1835

Prince Wm. County to wit, I James Fewell, do hereby certify that I saw Wm Hyden the man refered to in this petition several times whist he was in Prince William Jail, and made sundry enquiries of him in relation to the situation of some of the Towns, Rivers, and the kind of Vessels that, traversed certain rivers in the state of New York all of which he answered correctly that in addition to his dialect and education induces me to believe that he was born & raised in the North and I have no doubt but that he was free born, I took him to Fredericksburg and Richmond by request of B. Brawner where I offered him at public auction, but could not get a bid for him. I also endeavored to sell him at private bargain it was also without avail all said that it was evident that he was free born and was so bright that he might easily escape from slavery. I could not sell him at any price and returned him to said Brawner in Brentsville when the boy ran off and I have not heard from him since, given under my hand this 22nd Jany 1835 Jas Fewell

Prince William County to wit, I certify that I saw Wm. Hyden the man referred to in this petition whilst he was confined in the Jail of Prince William, and always considered his case one of oppression, he was a bright Mulatto, and as I believe born free, this belief is founded upon his representations, which carried with the reason. I have no doubt but that he was born free M B Slair Jany. 22nd 1835