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Martha: Petition, Prince William County

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We the undersigned have known Martha, most of us personally and intimately for many years before her manumission and some of us casually and by character and have no hesitation in saying as far as she has come to our notice and been known to us. She is [unassuming? unoppressive?], quiet and almost [illegible] of peaceable and good moral deportment; and altho [although] in the general opposed to manumitted negroes remaining or being permitted by special act, to remain in the Commonwealth of Virginia, yet from a knowledge of the facts as set forth by her and the [illegible] of her case we hesitate not to subscribe our names in her behalf and for the furtherance of her prayers. James Foster (known personally and by character) Robert L. White C. E. Norman Saml H. Tanney Michael [illegible] Peyton Reid Thomas C. Ford F. [?]ansil John [illegible] Charles M Tansill Saml [Samuel] Tansill William Strum Robert Dales A. P. Lyun Gustavius Ashby Jno [John] Moore Philip Deakins Nichs [Nicholas] Cleary George Knight George Taylor W. H. Taundsey Thos [Thomas] Reeves Lewis Weston Isaac Wilston Richard Stond John Pettet Wm Homsot George [illegible] J. Sligh Ned J. Smoot William C Atkey Peter B. Robinson John T Selecman Henry Solecman Charles T. Grime J. R. Grimes Saml [Samuel] H. Fisher Levi Davis Thos [Thomas] M. Gissam