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Nimmo, William: Petition, Princess Anne County

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which seemingly hard and alarming order was imprudently and impolitically published and made known by the State Troops throughout the said County of Princess Anne, so that the Inhabitants both white and Black became informed thereof; That soon after the making the said order, and in consequence thereof Your Petitioner (thinking it most prudent and advisable so to do) set out from Home for the State of North Carolina, there to engage a Place or Tenement to move himself and family to, in case said order should in fact or reality be put into execution, and that the very Evening your said Petitioner left Home, a Party of the State Troops under the command of an officer went armed to your Petitioners House after sunset to take into their Custody the Negro Slaves that might be in your Petitioners Kitchen, and that from the barking of Dogs, or some other alarm of the approach of the said State Troops, and from a dread or fear of being sent to the Iron Mines, the following thirteen valuable Slaves made their escape from said Troops, and have ever since been missing and lost to your said

Petitioner, to wit, Moody, Derry, Sam, Harry, Titus, Abby, Sue, Frank, George, Moses, Phoebe, Bob and Charles, all of whom were well attached to the Family, and had never discovered the least inclination or desire to repair to the British Troops, but on the contrary had often shewed and discovered an aversion to them. Your Petitioner further sheweth to your Honours that from his Zeal and attachment to the Rights and Privileges of his Country, He became obnoxious to the British and their adherents, and on that account had his House three Times robbed of the most valuable Articles, and his stock of Cattle and Sheep chiefly taken and killed by them, and was also twice made a Prisoner of; which last mentioned losses and sufferings your Petitioner humbly apprehends is enough for him to be as with and submit to, And therefore humbly hopes that as his loss of the above mentioned Negro Slaves was entirely occasioned by the Order of the Committee of Safety, and the conduct of the Troops acting under that Order, that it will be considered and adjudged by your Honours,